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Ten Soul-Affirming Messages for 2009

Dec 31, 2008

by Tim


happy_2009.gifHappy New Year! Mark and I extend our sincere thanks to all Soul Shelter readers for making our 2008 foray into blogging so rewarding.

Today, on this first day of what promises to be an extraordinary new year, we bring you Soul Shelter’s top ten soul-affirming messages for 2009 based on page views to date. Take a look at some of the gems you may have missed.

1. Six Ways to Stretch Time
Mark’s extraordinary essay speaks to how we utterly fail, again and again, to experience “deep time”—and what we can do to regain it.

2. Entrepreneurship: A Primer
Entrepreneurship has been defined as the relentless pursuit of opportunity, regardless of resources currently controlled. Here’s a view from 50,000 feet that’ll help you determine your appetite—and aptitude—for entrepreneurship.

3. Opting Out of the Deferred Life Plan
Once upon a time, a young Apple Computer attorney named Randy Komisar negotiated a deal that might have turned the personal computing industry upside down—and changed the world. But! …

4. Fixing a Broken Work Model
Think computers boost productivity? Here’s an alternative take.

5. The Lonely Novelist’s Five-Point Productivity Plan
Our resident novelist describes how to “think progress, not completion”—and explains wny mono-tasking beats multitasking every time.

6. Understanding the World Through the Thomas Theoremchristmas_ornaments.jpg
Here’s a powerful tool for understanding how the world works, through a surprisingly simple theorum developed by a prominent sociologist.

7. Time For Everything
The astonishing true story, nearly 200 years old, of a man who spent his “shining youth” in “the irksome confinements of an office”—and the surprising lesson he learned during his long-awaited retirement.

8. Recognizing the Opportunity Within
Getting ready to roll the dice? Here’s a new way to think about opportunities: as ways to create new options for yourself.

9. In Defense of “Aimless” Learning
Return to Soul School for a lesson in real education. We all need to be reminded that “a life spent, however victoriously, in securing the necessaries of life is no more than an elaborate furnishing and decoration of apartments for the reception of a guest who is never to come …”

10. In Praise of Salaried Employment
Our resident entrepreneur looks back on his first job application in nearly 20 years—and why most people are happier being salaried employees rather than entrepreneurs.

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* * * * *

Happy New Year!

 * * * * *

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