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Remarkable Handheld Devices Transport Users Far Beyond Computing

Featherweight tools require no booting, help convert thought directly into analog signals

In my entrepreneurship courses, I insist on using the most innovative tools available. And as longtime readers know, at Soul Shelter, we’re sticklers about remaining on the bleeding edge of technology.

microcircuit.gifSo, imagine a featherweight handheld word processing device (HWPD) that requires no booting up and actually helps convert thought directly into analog signals. What’s more, the output is immediately human-readable, requiring no screen or other electronic interface.

Imagine, too, an analog data transmission module (ADTM)—even lighter than the HWPD—that fits in a shirt pocket, and, like its word processing counterpart, is completely device-independent.

Hard to believe? It’s true.

To top it off, a complete set of these amazing tools costs less than one-fortieth the typical handheld computer.

I’ve been testing these stunning technologies in my classes, and the results have been no less than astonishing.

“Remarkable,” said one student.pencil_and_memo_pad.gif

“Amazing,” commented another. “These tools actually sharpen your thinking and spur new ideas during use. You don’t even need Google.”

At right is an artist’s model of one HWPD atop an analog data transmission module stack. Style-conscious users will be delighted to learn that both are available in an even greater variety of colors than iPods or Blackberrys.

So, Soul Shelter readers, get hip to the most innovative word processing tools available. Maybe they’ll change your life, as they did mine.

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