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Please Buy Our Paper-Printed Book

boy_speaking_with_megaphone.jpgWriters are terrible at marketing. Every new book convinces us that readers will rush to our pages, but we re-learn the same lesson each time: you’ve got to flog your work like a sideshow barker to get noticed.

That’s the hard truth we faced after four pittances earned by four books released by four publishers. Now, having started a small press for our first co-authored work, we can’t blame others for a meager promotional push—or puny royalties.

Time to buckle down and find a sure-fire marketing hook. Well, thanks to Amazon.com’s Kindle, we’ve got one.

The Kindle promises to make reading easier. Weighty tomes can be enjoyed not by heaving a hardcover and laboriously turning pages, but by scrolling through pixels on a device as slim and lightweight as a calculator.authenticity_guaranteed4.gif

The Kindle portends a new era of electronic publishing, but even two computer-challenged guys like us can ride that wave. Here’s how: Authenticity is our new value proposition.

Our age, like none before it, prizes authenticity. Today, for example, we use “purpose-built” tools. Who needs those old-fashioned tools built for no purpose?

Our kids bring home standards-based report cards. What crazy parent would settle for those outdated, non-standards-based types? We drink cask-conditioned beer—no more lousy stuff conditioned in … whatever they used to condition it in.

You like your peppers fire-roasted, and your garments pigment-dyed, right? So do we. We wouldn’t be caught dead in, well, non-pigment-dyed clothing. Like you, we demand authenticity and we get it.

So we know what you’re thinking when it comes to books: After staring at a computer monitor all day, cuddling up with an electronic device just doesn’t cut it as a reading experience.

prosperous_peasant_cover.jpgThat’s why we’re taking this opportunity, on the very day of Soul Shelter’s one-year anniversary, to remind you that our analog book, The Prosperous Peasant: Five Secrets of Fortune & Fulfillment from the Samurai’s Temple School, is 100% paper-based and non-digital. It can be fondled, scribbled-in, torn—even burned! It’s a sleek and classic publisher-published codex with front and back covers and 200-odd pages between. It’s a beauty—no batteries or assembly required, and no risk of repetitive-stress injury!

For just $13.45 you can own—or make a holiday gift—of this perfect bound quality paperback with chapter breaks, drop caps, and real running heads—all presented on textured, cream-colored 20-pound paper in stunning Caslon Pro type. You’ll love the stories—and you’ll support Soul Shelter with your purchase.

So hurry and buy our paper-printed, analog book while you can, before we have to pixelize its pages for the Kindle edition (enjoy a free PDF-formatted chapter first if you like). Once reader-read, it’s a snap to get retail-sold and critic-reviewed. Maybe then we’ll finally get royalty-compensated.

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