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About Soul Shelter

Many people confront the problem of wanting to work at what they love but needing to work at whatever earns money. Often what gives us the greatest fulfillment provides the smallest income — if any — and all too frequently a job is just a job, uninspiring or worse.

Can things be otherwise? How might we create or locate fulfillment in life and livelihood? What changes might we make in order to devote ourselves to work that feels meaningful — and perhaps earn our living with that work?

Soul Shelter explores the challenges of integrating inspiration and employment, balancing meaning and money, and protecting the soul against the deadening effects of techno-culture (one of the defining struggles of our time).

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About the Bloggers

Tim Clark is a successful entrepreneur, a teacher, and the author, translator, or editor of four books, most recently Business Model Generation. He co-wrote The Prosperous Peasant, a collection of parables on personal success, with fellow blogger Mark Cunningham, the author of two lauded novels, now working on his third.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a religious blog?

No, although it takes its name from a line in an old hymn called “Be Thou My Vision.”

2. What is this blog about?

Two things (which are really just one thing):

  • Integrating inspiration and employment
  • Getting a living while having a life

3. Why don’t you post every day?

We work hard to create content that resonates with readers. Our posting schedule, we think, allows each post adequate time to be seen and to sink in. We recognize that the blogosphere is a traffic-jam of unending, up-to-the-minute content. We want to provide a stabilizing, reliably worthy alternative to all that — a shelter. (Is that terribly unblog-like of us? :) )

4. Can I quote or link to a Soul Shelter post on my own blog?

Please do, while respecting the following caveats:

  • Any quotes from Soul Shelter should bear full attribution and link back to
  • Soul Shelter posts are copyrighted and should not be reproduced in their entirety anywhere without the direct consent of Soul Shelter’s authors. Better to quote with a link.
  • If you’re unsure about any other use of Soul Shelter material, e-mail us at “authors” in care of this domain.

5. What’ve you guys got against technology?

-Tim: I have a love/hate relationship with computers. I was a very early Internet adopter and love what computers can do. On the other hand, I’m still recovering from health damage caused by excessive computer use, so I’m acutely aware of the downside of having so much of one’s profession invested in, and dependent upon, computers. Like many things in life, my simultaneous aversion to and need for computers is a raging contradiction. Especially when I write about it on a blog. Sheesh.

-Mark: Technology has been good to us, the Internet is a potentially amazing force for culture and community, blogs are a publishing wonder. In our Technology Versus the Soul category we’re just saying that all this sitting and staring at a light-display can get to be a bit much. It’s important to have a life offline. Simple as that.

6. Does it cost money to subscribe, or will you try to sell me something, or will you trade or sell my e-mail address?

Calm thyself. Remember, Soul Shelter wants to be a shelter from those kinds of things. It’s absolutely free to subscribe. You may do so using Feedburner’s RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”), or enter your e-mail address in the “Subscribe” box in our sidebar to have Soul Shelter posts delivered direct to your inbox.

We won’t share your contact information with anybody.

As for imminent sales pitches: Fear not. We are writers, not marketers. In the year-plus life of this blog we’ve only come up with one new book you might like to purchase if you enjoy our weekly posts. It’s called The Prosperous Peasant (soft enough sell for you?).

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